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Why momentum can be downright terrifying

Have you ever decided to try something new and when it starts to take hold you get nervous and retreat?

You have an idea. You are excited. It just feels right. Meant to be. You dive in and create a plan. Change requires a plan and action.

You start making moves and before you know it things start to fall into place. One action leads to another. Your plan is working. Momentum starts taking hold.

It is terrifying, isn’t it? What if this works? Am I ready for this?

Change is uncomfortable. Pushing beyond the boundaries of what we know to be normal can be, let’s face it, downright scary. We have to push past this feeling and strike while the momentum is hot. We have to lean in and see where it takes us.

I have heard the term “guided” in self-development and it always seemed a little metaphysical to me. A little “hokey,” until I experienced it.

This idea of listening to your creative self. Paying attention to all those little thoughts that pop into your mind and putting them into action. The more you practice this, the more frequently they come. The more you “go with it,” the more you see their value. It creates momentum. You start to feel guided. Like these ideas, these thoughts, that keep coming to you, are coming from somewhere high above or deep down inside. Wherever you feel they are coming from, that is the feeling of being guided.

It is a pretty cool phenomenon.

It will have its hiccups. Just like any plan of action, some things will work and some things will not. Failure is the new success. Some call it “failing foward.” It is all part of the momentum cycle and if you can push through the scary and harness the process, it will catapult you to the next level.

Fear will creep in. Look at your fears and assess them. Are they realistic? Are they possible? If they are valid, what impact could they have on your life? Ask yourself “what is the worst that could happen if you do, and if you don’t?”

If you can’t tell, I am exercising all of these right now. I have set a plan in place that is taking hold as we speak and I am terrified. My fear of criticism tells me I may fail and they will judge.

My probability assessment says it is highly possible they may not even look in my direction to bother judging.

My validity assessment tells me they won’t spend much time judging me because they are too busy judging themselves.

What impact could it have on my life if they do? Well, only what I allow it.

What is the worst that can happen if I do and they do? My ego gets bruised and I power through.

What is the worst that can happen if I don’t? I may not achieve the fulfillment I seek by helping others realize their dreams.

So why would I let what I think others might think about me stop me from the fulfillment I seek? I won’t.

Thank you for helping me work through that.

***And let me remind you to believe in the phenomenon that occurs when you combine desire, faith, and simple planning to catapult yourself into the realm of all things possible.

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