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Step 1 for turning your vision into a reality

Creating a simple plan to harness momentum

Do you have the desire for a more meaningful and exciting life?

Do you have an idea of how to achieve it but are not quite sure about how to get it off the ground?

Great, let’s get started. Like right now.

All it takes is one small action.

And then another.

And then another.

And then another.

People often get overwhelmed because they think they need some super grand formal business plan all laid out before they make the first move, but you don’t.

You just need the idea and a little passion.

Well, more than a little passion. A lot of passion.

Actually, passion, dedication, and commitment.

But the good news is these are all things you can find within yourself. And if you don’t currently possess them, you can create them.

So let’s get back to your idea. What is your vision of the long-term reality?

For example, mine is to become a respected writer, blogger, and podcast host in the space of strategic effectiveness in positional performance (my fancy way of saying “getting sh!t done”).

That is a rather large goal so I needed to break it down into manageable phases, phase 1— become a writer.

My professional writing experience comes from writing accounting policy so that means hardly anyone wants to read what I write, I don’t blame them, it is rather dry material. So I determined I needed to gain experience writing more about what I love. Project planning and life.

I found Medium. And here I am, gaining experience writing and building an audience.

But that did not happen through magic or overnight by any means.

I had to break my phase 1 down into even smaller phases and define some action items for myself.

I found Medium by performing some research on the internet on how to become a writer. Once I found it, I had to take action by creating an account and then actually writing something.

Then I had to hit the publish button. And then I had to write some more.

Then I got my first like.

And while I was doing this I also knew I needed a personal website. Because what respected writer, blogger, and podcast host in the space of strategic effectiveness in positional performance does not have their own personal website?

I needed a vision for my website, so I started looking at other respected writer, blogger, and podcast host websites to see what I liked and didn’t like about them.

Then, once I had a vision of what I wanted my website to look like, I needed to figure out what platform I wanted to use for my website.

I did some more online research and found out which was the most user-friendly and affordable platform.

Oh, and I needed a domain name.

So here I am, now about six months into turning my dream into reality, all by performing small steps in succession. Building momentum.

Staying dedicated to my dream. Committed to waking up way earlier than I need to for my day job, and spending time working on my passion project.

Creating a new habit.

Phase 1 of my dream is now a reality, I am writing here routinely and I have built my website.

I now identify as a writer.

This is huge in the mindset game. Once you start to identify as something, you are creating a new reality for yourself and that is where progress starts to really take off. You start to think differently and see new ways to keep developing.

Anytime I felt like there was a lull in my progress, or fear would start to creep in, I leaned in and took another step. Action is the kryptonite for failure. You can’t fail if you keep moving.

Hitting publish the first time was terrifying.

Announcing my plan to the world was terrifying.

Recording and publishing my first podcast, which will be happening this weekend, will be terrifying.

But that just means I am doing it right because I am making progress and progress can be terrifying which is why most people don’t do it.

But guess what, progress is where momentum lives, and momentum is what you need to turn your dream into a successful reality.

All you need to tap into momentum are small actionable steps. Steps that build on each other and compound over time until a tipping point is met.

And when that tipping point is met, you need to keep going and building to reach your next tipping point.

When you feel the momentum start to wane, because it will, you will need to take slightly bolder steps because momentum gets hungry and it requires bolder moves to grow.

That is okay, that is when you know you are getting somewhere. Don’t feel defeated because you are not an overnight success, no one is.

If it was easy, to lean in when things get hard, then everyone would do it.

It is the inner demon of fear that will get you if you are not careful and plan accordingly.

Have your next step in your foresight so you can power through the tough times.

Keep feeding the momentum. Step by step. Action by action.

Then, 6 months down the road, you will look up, and your dream is becoming a reality, I know mine is.

Thank you for helping me turn my dream into a reality, now what can I do for you?

**And let me remind you to believe in the phenomenon that occurs when you combine desire, faith, and simple planning to catapult yourself into the realm of all things possible.

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