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Would your “happy place” feel any different if you were rich?

I often ask myself this question. What do you think? Would it “feel” different?

As I sit here, in my backyard in South Florida, on a muggy and quite buggy afternoon, I feel the hum or buzz (no pun intended) of my happy place. It feels like a calmness or satisfaction that I am right where I am meant to be.

Do me a favor, hell, do yourself a favor, find yourself in your happy place.

Go to wherever it is that brings you that hum and/or buzz. Go find it and just sit there and take it all in. Notice the sounds, the smells, the feeling on your skin, in your skin.

What do you feel? What do you notice? What brings you there, to that place, that feeling?

For me, it is hard to describe, but there is a sense of joy and peace that my happy place brings me. I imagine it is the same feeling people who are really good at meditating go to.

It is a state. It is a vibe. It feels awesome.

So I wonder, would this feeling be any different if I were rich in terms of owning a big expensive house on the water with a fancy car and a closet full of the finest clothes?

Would this feeling feel any different if I were sitting in the backyard of my multi-million dollar house in the Hamptons or my yacht in the Mediterranean (neither of which I own)?

If I could buy anything I want or go to any place I desire, would feeling happy feel any different?

Sure, it might be “cooler”, but would the feeling feel any different?

Would happiness feel any different rich?

I am by no means poor but I am certainly not rich. At least not rich in terms of owning tangible things like a big expensive house or a fancy car. I am, however, very rich in terms of having a family and circle of friends full of love and respect.

Let’s face it. Yes, we have all wondered what it would be like to be rich, like really rich. Mega Millions is over a billion dollars right now. Could you even imagine? Or better yet, actually earning that type of money as a result of your God-given talent.

So then back to the question at hand. Does all that money make the feeling of being happy any better? Is it stronger, more exciting, more..something?

I kind of don’t think it would. Sure, one day I would like the opportunity to find out for myself because that is all part of the game of life, right? But I have this inkling that when I do, I am going to figure out what I am pretty sure I already know, that nope, it doesn’t, not a bit.

That then bares the question, are we all in this rat race to make money and achieve so that someday we can obtain what we can already afford, the feeling of happiness?

***And let me remind you to believe in the phenomenon that occurs when you combine desire, faith, and simple planning to catapult yourself into the realm of all things possible.

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