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How to create a one-stop shop for all your social links

Have you ever met someone at an event and just finished telling them about all the exciting things you have going on and they ask to connect?

The “old” way was to hand them your business card which could very well be lost by the tihow-to-create-a-one-stop-shop-for-all-your-social-linksme they leave.

The other way is to pick just one of your many social media accounts and then hope you remember how navigate to the QR code hoping your internet connection is strong.

What about if you want them to follow you on more than just one of your accounts?

Shouldn’t there be an easier way?

Have you tried LinkTree?

In their own words, LinkTree is described as “One link to help you share everything you create, curate and sell from your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and other social media profiles.”

It is pretty simple to put together and they have a free plan.

Create a QR code for easy access.

QR codes are all the rage these days. QR codes actually came about back in 1994 but they didn’t really take off back then. Now you see them everywhere and for all types of use cases.

There are a lot of options out there for creating a QR codes. I used Canva because I already have a Canva account for my other marketing needs.

You simply provide the URL of your LinkTree profile and Canva creates a QR code for you on the spot.

I did this this morning in less than 15 minutes. Then I just took a screenshot and saved to my photos so I would always have quick access to share it.

Pretty simple.

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