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Roadtrippin' and Wireless CarPlay

For the upcoming big winter road trip adventure I decided to purchase a new car, well new to me. When my 2022 Toyota Highlander XSE arrived from the dealership I was dismayed that it did not include wireless Apple CarPlay. I kind of figured it would be a pretty standard feature in a 2022 model, hell I am pretty sure it has been in every rental car I have had in the last couple of years, but I found out the hard way it is not.

So what is one to do if you would like to save yourself from the hardship of requiring a wire to connect your phone to your navigation? Well, lean on Google and Amazon to find a solution; that is just what we did.

Google provided the many options for USB gizmos that will free you from the wire and Amazon provided the options at the varying prices available to be delivered to your door in less than 24 hours.

There are a ton of different makes and models. I relied on reviews and prices to decide which one to start with knowing we still had the time and ability to return and retry until we found our ideal fit.

Luckily it just took the one. The Auerds device linked below lived up to its many 5-star reviews. Installation was quick and easy, plug it in, turn on Bluetooth and WiFi on your phone, find your dongle, select, and you are good to go.

This was a pretty pain-free installation. I am not the most tech-savvy person so sometimes it can take me a few tries and a handful of curse words but this one actually worked the very first time I plugged it in and connected. Boom. It is just that easy.

Now we will be trying it out over our 3.5 month road trip from Florida to Oregon and back this winter so I will be sure to update this review if we come to find this gadget has flaws but for now I am going to call it a winner and a good option if you want to free yourself from the wire.

Disclosure: This article includes Amazon Affiliated links which I may receive compensation should you use this link to purchase said product.

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